Ben Rivers/Ben Russell   A Spell Toward of the Darkness

film, italian premiére
95', 2013

A Spell Toward of the Darkness, the title of the new feature film from Ben Rivers and Ben Russell, looks back to the history of cinema as dream and ritual, the invocation of a form of magic that once animated nature but was banished by modernity. One man (the musician Robert AA Lowe, best known for his intense live performances under the name LICHENS) is observed in three distinct sections, each depicting a different landscape and social situation: a 15-person island commune in Estonia, an isolated house in northern Finland, and a venue in Oslo, where a Black Metal performance is captured in a single shot that lasts nearly half an hour. Ben Rivers comments that the three sections explore "possible ways of being in the world in a positive sense, in some ways temporary utopias". Community and solitude are negotiated through the relation between bodies and landscape mediated by the camera. This is non-fiction but it is not a documentary: a hybrid document of the past/present/future, it might be described as about ways of being. In the widest sense, it prompts questions about how we might live and why we might make those choices.

saturday 12 april  > 6 pm >  Cinema Lumière
sunday 13 april  > 4 pm Film Marathon >  MAMbo