Aki Onda   Cassette Spectacle #1, #2, #3

nomadic tape concert, italian premiére

Cassette Spectacle #1, #2, #3 are three sound performances by Aki Onda that will appear and disappear along the nights at Live Arts Week, in corners and central spaces of the museum, as nomadic live interventions. For a quarter century, Aki Onda has been using the cassette Walkman for making field recordings which he keeps as a sound diary. He considers these recordings to be personal memories, and not just sounds. He stages those performances by physically manipulating Walkmans by hand, re-collecting and re-constructing concrete sounds. What emerges from his sound memories is a sonic collage of ritualistic tape music. By documenting fragments of sound from his personal life, something is revealed in the accumulation. The meanings of the original events are stripped of their significance, exposing the essence of memory. "I like performing this strange ritual at a site-specific location - at a historic building, street conner, abandoned factory - or an old factory transformed to a museum in such as the MAMbo in Bologna. I am trying to both extract and abstract the essence of memory by juxtaposing my own field recordings, so to speak my personal memories, at a location that is saturated with its own memories. Something resonates and happens while I’m dealing with acoustics, architecture and psyche of the space. The result is invisible but one can feel live memories awaking sleeping memories."

wednesday 9 april  > 11 pm >  MAMbo
thursday 10 april  > 11.30 pm >  MAMbo
saturday 12 april  > 9.30 pm >  MAMbo